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“I love my career.” That’s what we hear again and again from IT professionals.

Information technology is really about people — getting people the information they need, when they need it. IT professionals figure out ways to make people’s work (and play) flow with technology.

Training in IT can prepare you to work in healthcare, sports, retail, fashion, hospitality, banking — or any other industry.

We hear from IT professionals every day on why they love their careers. They love the collaboration with people, the daily problem-solving and the diversity of opportunities. Plus IT careers provide high salaries and upward mobility.

We cant talk of 100 successful IT professionals in Malawi and skip to mention Mr. Kawelama.He works with Kamuzu Academy international school as IT personnel. He has shown all interests in his career.Behind any successful thing or man there is another man of thing. Hence behind Malawi Morning there is Mr kawelama.

Joseph Introduced the Online News Publishing Company in December 2017, with the aim of aknowledging, educating and enternatinig people through online news. We cant run away that in this era, people has ,moved from paper systems to computerized, Smart phone are being sold like hot cake for social and all online chats.

His idea was to encourage  journalists who are pursuing their studies to skill their career through practicals and hence giving them opportunity to be good writers. “Let them write we will review” said kawelama while being asked of the success of the blog , for inclusion of such people. In his speech he said, the news are not only coming from newbie but even professionals across the country and worldwide.

Dont be bothered , Malawi Morning has come to stay

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