Young Entrepreneur-Misheck Kamuloni

Misheck is a young Malawian Man who had been carrying for years her childhood dream to one day make a difference in the world. Fascinated by stories and the way they shape people’s lives, he began to write software until the reality of life made him  down to earth,this occupation.

He thus found himself in the marketing industry in 2014, and whilst acquiring skills and experience in Public Relation and Marketing, he was dreaming of his own company and his own start-up.

Then, he heard about Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs, from Fundatia Danis Pentru Dezvoltare Manageriala, Malawi. Knowing that this would be a once-in-a-lifetime experience and a great chance to develop his communication and entrepreneurial skills he applied for the programme in October 2016.

Few months later in December, he got in touch with host entrepreneur Michelle Tennens from United-Kingdom. Michelle is the founder of “Red Pepper Marketing”, a Marketing Agency in Essex. Michelle saw in this collaboration an opportunity to deepen him knowledge of cultural trends influences and attitudes prevalent within the Malawian market.

During the five-month collaboration, Michelle and Kamuloni worked together on various projects whilst also learning more about each other. Elena notably had the opportunity to learn how a Marketing Agency works as she could access the company clients’ advertising campaigns. She also had training on online advertising concepts and successfully completed her Google examinations, a key qualification in digital marketing.

From her side, Michelle’s business benefited from Misheck’s language skills as well as her network of contacts across Europe, which had a positive impact on Red Pepper’s development. “Misheck has positively impacted my business. He gained the confidence and trust of our clients and helped increased their success with excellence in marketing communications” says Michelle.

Misheck is grateful for Michelle’s help and practical experience gained from exchange. “Michelle brought the best in me”. “The knowledge and skills I have developed at Red Pepper, helped me better understand the challenges of digital marketing and improve the key aspects of my business plan” says Misheck.

The exchange between the two entrepreneurs was so successful that they decided to continue the collaboration after the exchange. Thanks to the exchange Misheck has acquired relevant skills which help him shape people’s lives by filling his software writing aspirations in Public Relation and Marketing Industry.

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