I am neither a politician or a government official, I am just a concerned citizen who is interested in the development of this country. My focus will be on a policy that is called agenda 2063. I learnt about this policy when I was in the second year in college and then I realized that this was a very interested topic and researched more on this. Agenda 2063 are plans that were made by African political leaders to deal with the socio economic developments of African countries in the next 50 years from 2013.

Agenda 2063 has seven aspirations that I will review some of them in regards to Malawi.

The first aspiration is a prosperous Africa based on inclusive growth and suitable development. This aspiration mainly focuses on the development of the country both economically and also infrastructure related programs. The country as far as am concerned is not fully developed. The infrastructure that are eye-catching are mostly built by the Chinese government. Talking about Bingu international stadium, Bingu International Conference Center (BICC) that are both located in Lilongwe and Malawi University of Science and Technology (MUST) that is located in Thyolo just to mention a few are all built with the help of the Chinese government. In my time in college, a lot of students graduated as engineers and a lot more are selected to study this course. But we still ask the Chinese government for help. Where are the Malawian engineers, contractors, architects? I don’t know.

An Africa with a strong cultural identity, common heritage, values and ethics is the second aspiration that i would like to discuss. We all know that the Malawian culture has fade away so drastically. We have copied the western living culture and forgot our own. This aspiration wants African countries to be identified by its own cultural identity, its values and its ethics. What are we identified for, what is really Malawi identified for? Am not very sure but am certain it’s not our culture.

And the last aspiration that would like to point out is the sixth on the seven aspiration. It states that African development should be people driven, relying on the potential offered by people especially its women and youth and caring for children. There’s something familiar about this aspiration, democracy. Democracy is the government that is under the direct or representative rule of the people of its jurisdiction. The citizen run the government indirectly. But is the Malawian government run by the people? I do not think so. Government officials run the country own their own. Only a few members of parliament consult Malawian



on developments that are taking place in the country. We just have democracy on paper but not in action.

A lot of policies seem not to be working for Malawi, the million dollar question is that is it the country that has teething troubles or the policies that are implemented

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