The Jesus Solution

Scripture: John 2: 1-11 (Jesus turns water into wine)

There was a wedding in Cana of Galilee, Jesus, His mother and His disciples had also been invited. When the wine was gone, Mary, the mother of Jesus reported the matter to Jesus from whom she got a negative response, “Dear woman, why do you involve me?” Jesus replied, “My time has not yet come.” Mary instructed the wedding servants to do whatever Jesus tells them to do. Thereafter Jesus asked the servants to fill the twelve stone water jars (which were nearby) with water, so they did, and the water turned into wine, then Jesus asked them to draw some and give it to the banquet master who after testing it, said to the bridegroom, “You were supposed to bring this best wine first, why have you brought it now after people have had enough already?” this was Jesus’ first miracle

After receiving a negative response from Jesus, Mary was not frustrated, that is why she told the servants to do everything that Jesus tells them to do. After prayer, never feel frustrated if your eyes can’t see any answer from God, instead, by faith; give Him thanks for answering your prayer.

Making wine involves a long process, but why do you think Mary still believed Jesus had an instant solution? Jesus has the capability of doing anything, anytime anywhere and in any way without necessarily following the earthly procedures, remembers He walked on water one day. When going to God in prayer, do not focus much on scientific and earthly logics, but rather believe God has the solution to your problem. Do not even ask yourself a question, “How will God solve your complicated problem,” no, just believe He has a solution to your problem. What solution? No, just believe there a solution; Jesus’ presence is a solution already

Mary knew that Jesus had the solution to the problem that had occurred, without looking at unavailability of materials for making wine, she still believed that Jesus had the solution. Now, look at what Jesus is doing here, He tells people to fill the jars with water. Both jars and water were readily available. God will not ask you to do a complicated task, or an expensive action, no, but a simple and straight forward move. Remember what God told Moses at Red sea, He asked him to lift up a rod which was readily available in the hand of Moses and the red sea was divied in Half, making  way for the Israelites to cross on the dry ground.

Listen to what the banquet master said after testing the water that turned into wine, “where was this best wine”? What you get from God after prayer is the best. Look at what Hanna got after asking God to give her a child – Samuel the priest. Zachariah received John the Baptist – the greatest prophet and Abraham received Isaac from God, God gives the best.

Brothers and sisters never be cheated, God answers prayer, lets rely on Him, He is a solution to what troubles us. On Luke chapter 4 verse 18 Jesus says He came to mend the Brocken hearts, Our hearts get Brocken because of different reasons, Jesus is the solution, and once again I say Jesus is the solution to our problems, if you believe this you will see the hand of God.


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