A Lilongwe based dancehall group,Kokoliliko Treaty is at it again, Tomorrow they are set to release a love track entitled NSANJE which they featured a well-known dancehall artist named Manton
The story in Nsanje is about what haters do when somebody is in love with a good girl. The story says haters will do anything possible just to make the couple separate. They will formulate all sortsof false stories just to discourage the girl to keep on loving the man.

One of the founding members of Kokoliliko Treaty named Trap C said that he and his counterpart, Pero C decided to come up with such a concept because it is something that is revolving around our societies. ‘‘You see this is something that we are facing most of the times. Many people are experiencing it. It’s a two way traffic, some are thehaters and others are the victims of the hate’’ said Trap C.
Kokoliliko Treaty is also preparing to release two music videos, one is of a track titled PARTY TIME and the other one is NKHUKU ZOJOMPHA. Besides this, the group will release an album later.
Kokoliliko Treaty is a dancehall group that was co-founded by Atoht Manje of Che Patuma fame and Trap C. Recently the group has recruited another good artist named Pero C. Kokoliliko

Treaty is known to their fans by songs like Zako Izo, Oyimba Amaluzi,Party Time, Tilipo Angati and other songs.

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