Antivirus Software: What to Look for

Antivirus software products block malware from entering your computer
system. When security software is unsuccessful at preventing attacks,
it is then supposed to detect and remove the malware that gets through
the defenses. If you begin to analyze all of the forms of malware and
all of the potential entry points, it quickly becomes quite
complicated and confusing. You can reduce the complexity of shopping
for virus protection by asking a few key questions. How does the
antivirus software perform in third-party tests? What features does it
have that pertain to my needs? Does it provide support during the
times I will need it?
To get some answers, let’s discuss this one by one.


The best way to verify vendor claims about performance is to learn how
products perform in tests at independent labs. One of the best
antivirus researchers is AV-Test, with laboratories in Germany.
AV-Test has a lot of credibility within the industry. AV-Test’s labs
have two dozen servers connected to 280 workstations, where its
technicians simulate test environments and perform the analysis. They
have more than 50 million pieces of malicious test data. Each day, the
collection grows by 55,000 new items of malware. The AV-Test suite of
tests measures security software’s protection, repair, and usability
components. AV-Test results are the objective criteria we consider
when we rank the best antivirus software.


You can usually count on antivirus software to be easy to install and
use. You should be able to schedule scans so that they occur when you
do not need to use the computer to avoid slowdowns from the software’s
resource usage requirements. Antivirus software ought to protect you
against malware infiltration whether it attempts to reach your
computer via web browsing, email, instant messaging or removable
storage devices. No security software is perfect, so when a threat
successfully accesses your computer, your antivirus software has a
second chance to protect you by detecting and disabling the invader.

Help & Support

When you examine help and support, ask yourself whether you will need
24/7 access to technical support or whether you can make do with fewer
hours. Some vendors provide support by email. If you want telephone
support, use our reviews to learn whether the vendor offers it before
you buy.

There is an arms race escalating every day between law-abiding PC
users and organized gangs of hackers. These hackers invent new methods
all the time. The best antivirus software publishers provide you with
a fighting chance to keep your bank accounts private and your identity

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