Reggae artists are currently jumping on Break Through Riddim, a massive Reggae beat produced by DJ Wyne and Dkez Walkers.

The artists are expected to finalise making their music by 20th January and DJ Wayne will make the compilation of the tracks.                                                                                            According toDJ Wayne,five artists have already jumped on the riddim and the full package of the riddim will bereleased January end. ‘‘I’m still waiting for the artists to finish making their music and by the end of this month I will make the compilation of the full riddim’’     He said.

The full package of the riddim will contain songs done by nine artists. DJ Wayne highlighted that he didn’twant to havemore than nine artists in the final compilation.The reason behindthisis that every song should be in the medley that he wants to come up with and later on shoot a video for the medley.

The riddim will be promoted in different media platforms and the internet. DJ Wayne himself will premiere the riddim on his radio show called the Jamrock show at Dziko FM aswell as Luso TV were he host program called Urban Beat.                  Besides, the riddim will be premiered by other DJs in different radio station across the nation.

On the progress of reggae and dancehall music in Malawi, DJ Wayne said that nowadays there is a huge change and people are understanding reggae and dancehallmusic compared to the past days when people associated reggae and dancehall music with violence and weed smoking. ‘‘If you recall how people patronised the Mafunyeta memorial show last year in August, you will agree with me that nowadays people have totally fallen in love with reggae and dance-hall music. The reason why I’m hosting such a riddim is to push the talent further so that people out there can know about it.’’ Said DJ Wayne.

DJ Wayne urges artists who are currently in the reggae and dancehall industry to work hard because hard work will always pay.  He also said that artists should not fight against personalities working in the media, either a DJ or anyone else working in the media. He highlighted that humbleness will help the artists to achieve their goals.

Previously, DJ Wayne hosted two riddims. The first one was a hard core dancehall riddim which was called ‘Road to Success Riddim’ seconded by a reggae beat named ‘Life Journey Riddim’. Songs in the first two riddims enjoyed massive air play in the different radio stations in the country.

DJ Wayne, whose real name is I Wayne Sean Kam’phulusa, is a young and talented DJ who has worked with both MBC radio 1 and 2, MBC TV, 101 Power FM and is currently working with Dziko FM and also doing his job Luso TV . He is based in Lilongwe.

In addition DJ Wayne is also a private DJ as well as an event’s organiser. He is the C.E.O of Sound Freak Entertainment, a company which he runs together with his brother, DJ Maya. DJ Wayne is also currently a co-manager of three artists under Fresh Arts Music Group.

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