Minibus drivers are still paying bribes to road traffic police to get away with offences committed,

the common offences varies from over speeding , overloading , driving a vehicle without license, COF and Insurance

According to a passengers (name withheld)who board a bus today from area 23 to Lilongwe town said that ” if the government and Malawi citizens take no action, more road accidents are likely to increase as more cases of bribes are increasing each passing day. In their discussion they included that; passengers are so silent, not reporting of the bribes that road traffic personalities on duty are receiving from un authorized and overloaded vehicles.

As witnessed today at area 23 Mlodza, a bus driver and conductor paid a f sum of money to road traffic  who were on duty and they allowed the bus to pass although it was so overloaded to the extent that the bus conductor and other passengers  stood on un-closed bus’s door ,this is a risk to Passengers lives.

what baffles me is the silence of passengers including myself. Can we not as citizens  of the beloved Malawi ,stand up for this malpractice? if we do our part i believe this may stop and all of us will be winners on the reduced number of accidents and the  lives that we lose each passing day due to  negligence and bribery of police officers.

These cases are mostly happening at Chipasula, Bua and many places in Malawi as observed.

It is a necessity that every citizen has to report these cases so that we reduce road accidents in Malawi.

Lets blow the whistle, say No to bribes and report those involved.

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