The word of God teaches us that who gives is more blessed than a hand that just wait to receive. It is following this very root of love that the Mzuzu University Para Christian organization ‘SCOM,’ branch graced Mzuzu prison during the weekend for arms giving as well as a way of preaching the Gospel to the inmates. Using its own pocket Scom has been able to shower some groceries, stationary and some clothes to easier the life of the prisoners. In his words the Scom second in command Mr. Blessings Chimzumazi said it is good to do good work to people while they are alive for them to appreciate our love and the love of God, “There is hope for those who are alive than those who are dead but in life everyone has to learn to appreciate someone while alive. Thus we are here to give hope to you in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.” He emphasized. Conquering with his speech was his senior Mr. Henry Chabwera who through a sermon gave not only hope to the prisoners but also showed that Christ is the only way out to their life challenges. Lettered: ‘Who is a man with God and who is a man without God,’ Chabwera hooked the minds of the prison congregation to understand the very importance of keeping in the presence of God despite whatever challenges befalls them be it imprisonment. “A man without God is like an animal which does not know its master and helper hence struggles for answers in life but when we know God we are sure of his grace and blessings upon us.” Lamented Chabwera. On behalf of the officer in-charge one of the Mzuzu prison, assistant supretendant Richard Hara comments of Scom support as a stitch in time when the inmates are facing so many challenges. “We only receive arms from Christian organizations as they are the only showing interest to assist our prisoners, we need more help due to large number of the inmates. Thank you Scom, this means a lot to us.” Said Hara. Mzuzu prison has in custody 868 prisoners at present of which the current allocated budget for the prison only accommodates 400, leaving over 50% of the inmates uncovered.

Chabwera –Second from left hands over the charity to the prison service officers.

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