Reboot your Life using Ctrl-Alt-Del

It’s a simple concept, and we see it on our computer keyboards every day. So why not use it when we face challenging situations? It’s the same 3 Keys we can use to reboot our ‘heartware’ during problematic situations.

CONTROL your emotions:

Unforeseen situations can affect you emotionally. People can trigger you negatively. But that does not mean we have to react to them. Our negative responses only makes matters worse anyway. What we can and should do is to exercise control and manage our emotions. Especially our initial reactions, which may be impulsive, and leave us regretting later on. Remember, we cannot control what happens to us, but we can control and master what goes on within us. So when faced with unfavourable situations, calm down, stay cool, and be in control…

Look for ALTERNATIVE solutions:

Nothing gets better by complaining or harping over our predicament. The best way to move forward constructively is to search for alternative solutions. Ask ourselves what other options and possibilities there are within our power to take action. Make a list of contacts or resources available to us that can support us towards more favorable outcomes. This action alone helps create a positive vision for ourselves, and signals to our brains to adopt a ‘hunting’ behavior mode, looking beyond our problems and ‘stuckness’, and focusing on solutions.


DELETE the negative voices:

Even after taking initial positive actions, there will be lingering doubts, skepticism, fear etc. We call them ‘residual’ negative emotions. They are the nagging voices that continue to haunt & taunt you. They question your decisions; remind you of your failures; attack your worth & confidence. They make you feel vulnerable, insecure, and even lousy. You become preoccupied with self-doubt. The best way to deal with them? – Delete them!…

Imagine you possess a Delete Button (somewhere conveniently accessible like your watch). Whenever those negative thoughts surface, physically reach out to your button and press it as you would on your keyboard. This simple kinesthetic movement signals to your brain an action that it registers as real, and it literally shuts out the voices in your head! How cool is that?So, the next time you encounter negative situations, start activating these 3 keys to re-boost your life today! – Joseph K

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