My Thoughts..(Chilima as an Independent Presidential candidate)

Malawi is a beautiful country and i believe besides being the poorest country in the world

it is capable of being an independent and self reliant  country.

Malawi has all the resources required for its growth. Most of the time we elect leaders that have no welfare of the country at heart  who politicize every project ,and sad enough we believe and still live the oppressing life forgetting that it is our taxes that does  the Job

If Malawi have a strong selfless leader, the country can be steered from rags to riches

All the political parties that we have in Malawi today, are either Family or pocket based, sometimes i  do wonder if these other party leaders have a nerve to believe that they can be the next Government

Take AFORD or Mafunde. and Depeco no offence. but you may agree or disagree with me, its the naked truth .if you cant see this then we are all in trouble.

People are so blind to  see the reality that it is the same Government that support  these small political parties to divide the votes so that they remain in power and gain at the expense of Mother Malawi.

This is why the 50 + 1 bill never saw  the light of the Day, the reason is simple

those in power still want to maintain their businesses ,send their children abroad for higher education while  you and mine kids are still battling for Fees loan at the public universities .which is always a Miracle to get.

Make the sense out of this no sense ,Malawi will be in the right hands some day. If The Vice president which we have joked and talked about had some nerve to speak out ,i would have been singing of a new song now because like it or not, the DPP will make sure that power does not slip hands, we all know what they are capable of doing, the Cadets are my witnesses. We all saw and see what they are capable of.

I can see Chilima standing as an Indipendent Presidential candidate whose aim will unify malawi and get rid of the recycled politicians whose aim is not to the best interest of Malawians, rather their pockets.


the Chilima Administration could be a hope for Malawi if He stands as an independent,

his cabinet being of ministers from different political parties balanced, of course the vice president being Chakwera from MCP

Only then, is when we will see the MBC freedom. Sensible and Sound public rallies as all these noises, face painting  will die a natural death, no one will claim the president as its personal estate, we will all together be Malawians who made a choice.

This politics or the system of Government we use has failed Malawi, you may still wonder that after independence ,we still have no enough hospitals and Teachers welfare is still pathetic.

Pupils in Primary schools are writing their examinations sitting on the floor, Let me talk about electricity, what kind of Malawi do we want our kids to grow into?, You will be amazed how the politicians spoil money at  Weddings and MG2 s,Night nurses….

find them at a drinking Joint and you will appreciate how generous our politicians are, how the hell would someone spend K200,000 in a PUB?

If you think one owning 35 or more cars is normal then we have a very serious mental issues..

Does the Idea that someone who voted for them somewhere in the village has gone to bed on an empty stomach, and when i say bed i meant on the floor and without a blanket.

please do not tell us to sleep in a mosquito net when i get sick of Malaria,i do not own one because the heathy workers are selling them.

whose to blame? they are learning  from the best! and if you are reading this article for free, i will hunt you down

Let us all work together in Building Malawi,we have a chance and a choice to make whether we still want to live the way we are or need a change.we can do this peacefully and God Help to give us leaders that have a vision for Malawi.

May 2019 is fast approaching and many like me have no idea who to vote for,May god touch you to make the right Choice.a choice which is not just for you because of the K50 note received from a rally buy a choice for all your family that will will affect you and siblings for the next five years,if a wrong choice is made.

This is not football its real life!


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