SKC May FOIL MCP= DPP round 2

I have been following with interest the political maneuvers that is happening in Malawi

from the day  SKC announced his resignation from the DPP and  decided not to contest against  APM in the just ending  July  convention, well that is his personal decision.

and with a lot said and circulated in the local media and social networks i believe SKC is missing a point

He 100% want to disarm the DPP  or take over the presidency through a ballot as he said on Zodiac Television. He openly said that he recognizes the group(the Transformation Alliance) and he will respect their views, this to me sounded like distancing himself with an inch to the grouping and not wanting to offend them in the same process.

What SKC is not aware is the fact that he is going to be liable for getting Dpp back in Government am saying this because  with the absence of him and the transformation alliance, MCP was  already  a 2019 Government with Chakwera as President,the reasons are obvious,DPP has failed malawians. but now most of the undecided voters are backing the Vice President, their votes will not be enough to take him to Sanjika  but Fail MCP of getting their day and Make DPP return to power.

If i was an advisor to SKC ,i will take  this scribbles notes .Nothing is for him Without MCP, he may join forces with any other grouping, talk riddles or make more youth register but the truth remains crystal clear. He will divide MCP votes.Nkhoswe akakhala pa Nkhate sapheka-Malawi morning.

The Fact is his base which is the MCP strong hold. You do the mathematics.

The MCP in the other hand is counting eggs before they are hatched, thinking and behaving  like they are already past 2019,my word goes to them as well, SKC is the catch, make a deal with this guy and have a systematic approach to the upcoming elections.

I understand there will be a lot of twists and turns to the elections but no one wins a prize without preparations.

Malawi needs Change, we need direction and a visionary leader.

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