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National Planning Commission laments sluggish implementation of MW2063 programmes

September 29th, 2022 Malawi

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Since Malawi got its independence , Citizens have been wanting to get notified and briefed on various issues happening across the country. The coming of democracy provided freedom of speech which led to some independence news appearing. The presence of independence press companies and firms has helped Malawians get relevant facts and unbiased information outside government press which sometimes becomes biased due to its political reasons. By and by more press firms started emerging making people have capability to have multiple sources of information inorder to obtain facts according to their desires.

The coming of technology , especially internet has led to more and more firms in press industry appearing since the cost of disseminating information has now become easier, almost all press media have gone into digital by at least owning a website. The availability of information in news industry is now just on click of a button.


However, even though more press media are online people find it difficult to obtain relevant information since the choice now becomes difficult. Some people may want one place where they can search breaking news or a certain topic. Google has been the answer but some time google takes time 2 to 3 days to crawl these websites inorder to bring information which seekers want .

Malawi morning then has come to solve these issues. It is a platform that has powerful search engine that finds and aggregates news that are Malawi related. The engine is intelligent in such a way that it is able to grab information that is relevant to user and make them find Malawian news easily. With Malawi Morning you can search news results from various websites on one search, and you will be able to choose which link or press media to read from. Please note that Malawi morning does not keep the whole information but it grabs titles and links to the news origin.

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